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SPARTANBURG Taylor Moton Jersey , S.C. (AP) Tight end Greg Olsen realizes there’s a sense of urgency to win a Super Bowl ring now for a returning core group of Carolina Panthers who are fast approaching the end of their NFL careers.Julius Peppers is 38 years old. Mike Adams is 37. Thomas Davis is 35. Ryan Kalil is 33, and has already said this year will be his last. The roster includes 19 players that are 29 or older, including Cam Newton.”Yeah, I mean, I want to get one for them – but I want to get one for myself, too,” joked the 33-year-old Olsen as the Panthers reported to Wofford College for the start of training camp on Wednesday.Olsen knows how difficult that can be, particularly when competing in the toughest division in football. Three NFC South teams won at least 10 games last season and reached the playoffs.Carolina won 11 games – and was a wild card team.Olsen is among 21 holdovers from the NFC Championship team that went 17-1 three seasons ago before losing to the Denver Broncos 24-10 in the Super Bowl.”Coming so close and realizing just how hard it is to get there and fall short adds to that urgency,” Olsen said. ”A lot of us have been playing this game a long time. We know there is no guarantee in anything. So you have to take advantage when you can. … There is no telling how many years go by until you get a shot at another one.”Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he feels that sense of urgency among some of his veterans, but is confident the players will ”approach things the right way and build to where we want to be.”While the core of the team remains mostly intact – the exceptions being Jonathan Stewart, Charles Johnson and Kurt Coleman, who were released – the Panthers will have the challenge of adapting to three new coordinators.Eric Washington takes over the defense after Steve Wilks became the second Carolina defensive coordinator to leave for an NFL head coaching job in two years.Norv Turner, who once coached Troy Aikman Wes Horton Color Rush Jersey , Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin to a pair of Super Bowls in the early 1990s with the Dallas Cowboys, replaces offensive coordinator Mike Shula after the Panthers finished 19th on offense last year.Chase Blackburn is the new special teams coordinator.The defense and special teams won’t change much, but the offense is expected to look noticeably different under Turner, who will be in charge of getting the most out of Newton, one of the game’s most dangerous dual-threat QBs.Newton combined for 45 touchdowns passing and rushing with 10 only interceptions in 2015 to earn league MVP honors. In the two years since his production has dropped off with 52 combined touchdowns with 30 interceptions.Newton is learning a new scheme under Turner, but at least he’s healthy.Last year he missed most of the offseason workouts and the early portion of training camp recovering from shoulder surgery as the Panthers eased him back in.Wide receiver Devin Funchess said Newton is full of energy this summer and ”ready to rock.”Carolina is to build on four trips to the playoffs in the last five seasons.Christian McCaffrey said the Panthers have their eyes set on winning a Super Bowl and nothing less – something the second-year running back believes is ”absolutely” possible.”We have the guys, we have the talent and we have the leadership,” McCaffrey said. ”We have some unbelievable coaches as well. So we are excited.”NOTES: Panthers general manager Marty Hurney said Peppers (shoulder), wide receiver Fred Ross (hip), tight end Chris Manhertz (foot) and defensive end Bryan Cox Jr. (ankle) will start training camp on physically unable to perform list, and wide receiver Curtis Samuel (ankle) will begin on the non-football injury list. Hurney was optimistic all have a chance to be ready for the regular season. … Hurney said the Panthers will look to sign a tight end with Manhertz injured.— With Matt Kalil’s contract being a hot topic among Panthers fans, we reached out to Jason at Over the Cap for his perspective."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Keep Sounding PodcastPanthers 2019 NFL DraftCSR Film RoomCarolina Panthers free agency 2019Five questions with Over the Cap about Matt Kalil’s contractNew,191commentsWith Matt Kalil’s contract being a hot topic among Panthers fans Stephen Curry Jersey , we reached out to Jason at Over the Cap for his perspective.ESTShareTweetShareShareFive questions with Over the Cap about Matt Kalil’s contractThe Panthers have a decision to make regarding the contract of left tackle Matt Kalil. Kalil—who is now in the shape of his life—spent the 2018 season on injured reserve and has been the focal point of discussions between fans on how the team should handle his just over $12 million cap hit for the 2019 season.I reached out to Jason from Over the Cap to get his thoughts on how the Panthers should approach Kalil’s contract situation this offseason.What are the cap space implications of cutting Matt Kalil pre-June 1 vs post-June 1?If the Panthers cut him pre-June 1 they will lose $3.5 million in cap space, assuming he cant pass a physical. If he can pass a physical then it will be $2.5 million in cap space. The difference is because of a $1 million injury guarantee. That guarantee does have an offset so they will get that money back eventually even if he qualifies for it but it be given back to the team in 2020 rather than 2019.If they use the June 1 they will gain no cap space between the start of free agency and June 1, but would gain $6 or $7 million (the difference is that injury guarantee) on June 2. They would take a $9.8 million dead money charge in 2020 using the June 1 whereas without the June 1 all the money is taken this year. It is our understanding that if a team cuts a player and designates it as a ’post-June 1 cut’, they can’t actually use any saved cap space until after June 1. Is this correct? Can you expound on the post-June 1 process regarding ‘cap savings’?Yes that’s correct. The way it works is that if cut before June 1 all future prorated money accelerates to the current league year as dead money. If after June 1 only the current years prorated money stays with the team as dead money with the future dead money going into the following season.Basically it’s protection for teams in the summer months to allow them to have players compete for roster spots and be able to move on from higher priced veterans with big dead money numbers if they don’t earn a spot. If the June 1 didn’t exist then teams would potentially need to carry much more cap space in August if they had to potentially account for all accelerated money on the cap. The post-June 1 designation was implemented to basically protect salary cap strapped teams from having to pay out offseason bonuses to players that they want to cut but can’t because of the cap consequences. Kalil is a good example. If the Panthers had next to no cap space they could not afford to cut a player whose release would actually increase his cap charge because of dead money. If they are forced to keep him until June 2 he would earn a $1 million salary guarantee thus making it more costly to cut the player. So by allowing a team to designate a player a June 1 they avoid that pitfall.What do average left tackle contracts look like? Is Matt over paid or is it still an expensive position?Left tackle is an incredibly expensive position. Last year Nate Solder signed for over $15 million a year as a free agent. The average tackle earns in the ballpark of $11 million.What does the left tackle market look like this year? Both from a money range and a who is available perspective.It’s pretty lackluster. The best available is probably Donovan Smith from the Buccaneers who is not a standout at all. My guess is he will cost $11 million or so. The next up is Trent Brown on the Patriots. He may be a little cheaper since he didn’t stand out in San Francisco and there is question as to whether he is a left or right tackle. Still probably looking around $10 million a season. After that are names like Kendall Lamm, Ereck Flowers, and Greg Robinson. What do you think the Panthers should do with Kalil’s contract?It’s tough because even the lowest paid left tackles earn around $8 million a year and that is what Kalil’s salary is this year. So its not like they even have a great opportunity to reduce it. I guess what they do is try to convince him to bring down his salary to a guaranteed $4 to $5 million and a chance to earn back the difference in incentives for playtime.In a sense its sinking more money into a bad deal but it’s probably worth giving it a shot especially since the rest of the prospects are not good in free agency.What this means for the PanthersBasically, what Jason is saying is that cutting Matt Kalil this year doesn’t make much financial sense. Yes, the Panthers can split the cap hit into two separate years to save money, but they would still have to find someone in free agency who is making around the same amount of money as Kalil is right now. Even if the Panthers re-signed Daryl Williams and moved Taylor Moton to left tackle, the Panthers wouldn’t come out ahead. For one, Moton is much better at right tackle than he is at left tackle. There’s no reason to move him. When you already have a certified beast at right tackle, you should find a left tackle and leave the right side of the line alone.Also, I’m not a betting man but it’s safe to say that Williams will cost more than the $7 million cap savings the Panthers would get from cutting Kalil this season Shaq Thompson Color Rush Jersey , so even if they wanted to move Moton over to the left they wouldn’t save any cap space by doing so. Additionally, if we are valuing future cap savings with the current release of Kalil then we should also consider the future losses in such a scenario. We would all but have to resign Daryl Williams or some other valuable free agent. This would take away a compensatory pick in 2020. With the contract Williams is poised to sign, that pick could be as high as a third rounder.Of course, the other option is to cut Kalil and draft an offensive tackle in the first round. That’s also not the best move. The Panthers would have two options there: Draft a left tackle in the first round, or draft a right tackle and move Moton over to the left. Either way, you’re depending on a rookie tackle to protect your franchise quarterback. It’s just not an efficient use of resources.Signing a lower-tier free agent like Chris Clark or Marshall Newhouse is also an option to save some cap space, but we saw how that worked out in 2018. Depending on an unknown quantity or a flat-out bad option at either left or right tackle saves money, but also brings the potential to invite another shoulder surgery kind of disaster. Consider that the odds of finding someone as good as Kalil—as low a bar as that may seem—who would cost less than Kalil are less than zero. Then consider that the Panthers would still have to carry a significant amount of dead money from Kalil’s contract regardless of how they release him. In a year where the roster is full of holes and the Panthers don’t have a whole lot of cap space, adding a hole and decreasing the amount of money they have to work with just doesn’t make sense.
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